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Fall 2023
leap year
buckle up video

Live in Luxury Every day with Designer Fine Jewelry

  • ALOR Men’s Blueberry Cable 5-Row Bracelet

  • ALOR Men’s Blueberry Cable Double Station Bracelet

  • ALOR Men’s Blueberry Cable Triple Station Bracelet with 14kt Yellow Gold

  • ALOR Men’s Blueberry Cable Pendant on Blueberry Chain Necklace with 18kt Yellow Gold

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  • iALOR™ Blueberry Cable 8-Row Apple Watch® Band with Diamonds (fits 38-42mm watch)

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ALOR® is a California-born fine jewelry and watch brand creating timelessly modern pieces for the contemporary woman and man. Established in 1979, the designer brand combines the casual simplicity of high fashion elegance with industry-leading and iconic color, texture, and design. ALOR® draws inspiration for their luxury jewelry from the renowned scenery that surrounds Southern California, turning it into luxuriously colored, stainless steel cable married with dazzling 18 karat gold and diamonds. This second-generation, family-owned and operated designer jewelry business is devoted to creating world-class works of art, to be worn in everyday life, once in a lifetime occasions, and everything in between.


Imagine having five different looks in one stunning piece of jewelry. That’s precisely what the Buckle Up Cuff offers. With its innovative design, you can mix and match the diamonds onto any of the cuffs to transform this design to suit your mood and outfit. Choose from a 5 or 6-piece set in a beautiful gift box, and match it back to a ring to complete the look.


Our iconic stainless steel cable meets the world of tech with iALOR™, a luxury cable band created exclusively for the Apple Watch®. Wake up and put on your everyday essential, now elevated with your favorite colors of cable and sparkling diamonds. iALOR™ is where technology meets luxury.

Jewelers for Children

Did you know that the jewelry industry has created an organization to help these children and families? Jewelers for Children, better known as JFC has been assisting children, families and research since 1999. ALOR is starting a new program with JFC and we are hoping you will join us in our mission to help children that need our assistance. At checkout you will be given the opportunity to donate to this very important charity. ALOR will match each dollar donated up to $5,000.00 for the year. To learn more click here.

Designer fine jewelry
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