Jewelry Care


International Jewelry Guarantee

ALOR® 18kt Gold & Cable Jewelry, provides a three (3) year guarantee from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects provided the jewelry was purchased from an authorized ALOR® dealer. The guarantee does not cover any damages consequent to ordinary wear and tear, customer damage, modifications of the piece or failures to follow the specific care instructions. All guarantee services must be performed by an authorized ALOR® Service Center and will require presentation of a valid proof of purchase.

Care Instructions:

ALOR® Cable Jewelry

ALOR® cable jewelry is a precious item and must be treated with care to assure it retains its original beauty and integrity. Some ALOR® cable jewelry including the PETRA (bronze cable) and NOIR® (black cable) jewelry collections have been subject to a special heated process which creates a very strong ionic mechanical bond with the cable. This process is extremely durable but requires, like all ALOR® cable jewelry, special care to assure that the cable is not damaged.

ALOR® Cleaning & Maintenance:

Cable Jewelry

In order to maintain your ALOR® cable jewelry for years of enjoyment, it is extremely important that these cleaning and maintenance instructions always be followed.

  • For the best maintenance, all cable jewelry should only be cleaned & serviced by an authorized ALOR® Service Center to avoid damage to the cable.
  • For home cleaning, soak the item in a warm solution of water and mild hand soap for no longer than five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Dry with a soft cloth.
  • DO NOT steam clean, place in an ultrasonic cleaning device or use any chemicals or detergents such chlorine, ammonia, nitric acid or any jewelry cleaning or abrasive solution to clean the cable jewelry as this could severely damage the cable’s surface.
  • Do not wear in a Jacuzzi or in any environment where there are abrasive tools and/or chemicals.
  • Do not wear for prolonged periods in the ocean or swimming pool and make sure to immediately rinse the jewelry very well with warm water after your swim, and dry with a soft cloth as sea salt and pool chemicals will otherwise damage the cable jewelry.
  • Try to put on jewelry after applying any cosmetics, creams, perfumes or hairspray as the chemicals might damage the cable jewelry.
  • Separate all your fine jewelry to avoid scratching.
  • Even though the cable has a flexible design, do not over stretch it in the opposite direction or in a certain position for a long time as this will damage the shape.

ALOR® Cleaning & Maintenance:

 Gold Jewelry

  • For the best maintenance of ALOR® gold jewelry it should only be serviced by an authorized ALOR® Service Center or Dealer.
  • For home cleaning, soak the item in a warm solution of water and mild hand soap for no longer than five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. A gentle brushing, with a soft toothbrush can be used to loosen stubborn dirt. Dry with a soft cloth.

• Do not use jewelry cleaners, chemicals such as ammonia or bleach and avoid using anything with abrasives, toothpaste, scouring powder or creamy cleaners.


Removing dirt from a stingray leather item can often be achieved by simply wiping the leather with a lightly dampened cloth. In tough spots you can use a very mild soap with water and gently clean the surface area. Do not rub too hard as most stingray skins are dyed, resulting in their beautiful color.


  • Never keep leather products in contact with other leather products when storing them.
  • The finish on each product may cause them to stick together.
  • Please do not wrap leather products in plastic bags as this causes drying out.
  • To store your beautiful stingray leather jewelry, it is best to wrap them in tissue paper.
  • Keep your stingray products stored away from heat and moisture.
  • Never leave any leather products exposed to direct heat or sunlight as this quickly dries out the natural oils from leathers.