ALOR Cable Interlocking Bracelet


Stock size is a 7. All other sizes are final sale, made to order, and take 2-6 weeks for delivery.

SKU: 06-XX-X744-00


ALOR Cable Interlocking Bracelet

Stainless steel cable. Imported.

Yellow SKU: 06-37-S744-00

Grey SKU: 06-32-S744-00

Black SKU: 06-52-0744-00

Blueberry & Carnation SKU: 06-48-S744-00

Black & Yellow SKU: 06-58-0744-00

Black & Grey SKU: 06-54-0744-00

Carnation & Yellow SKU: 06-31-S744-00

Grey & Yellow SKU: 06-34-S744-00