5 Unique and Stylish Apple Watch® Bands You’ll Love

iALOR™ is where luxury meets technology, an effortless pairing of ALOR’s iconic stainless steel cable with the everyday essential, Apple Watch®. When searching for unique Apple Watch® bands, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style, functionality, or durability. ALOR’s assortment of bands for your Apple Watch® give you options of color, diamonds or all metal, and sizes that fit both 38-42mm watches and 42-45mm watches. The iconic design is durable enough for everyday wear from the moment your day gets started until you’re calling it quits. Below are the brand’s top picks for Apple Watch® bands from the iALOR™ collection:

  1. The Classic: iALOR™ Grey Cable 8-Row Apple Watch® Band

It’s hard to argue with a classic! ALOR’s Grey cable is truly iconic, with a cool, chic, and sophisticated hue that will pair perfectly with all your favorite jewelry pieces. If you’re searching for an understated look that has a quiet elegance, pair this band back to your Aluminum or Silver Stainless Steel case Apple Watch®. The monochrome pairing is perfect for everyday wear and easily goes from the gym to the grocery store, to a night out. The 8-Row design is fit for a 38-42mm Apple Watch®, but if you’re looking for larger, try out the 10-Row for a 42-45mm watch.

  1. The Sparkler: iALOR™ Yellow & Grey Cable 8-Row Apple Watch® Band with Diamonds

The best Apple Watch® band for fashion is here! The two-tone design means you don’t have to pick, you can enjoy the warmth of Yellow cable with the chicness of Grey cable in one design. And what’s high fashion without diamonds? Set your sites on sparkling rows of diamonds on both sides of the Apple Watch® face that take your everyday essential from basic to stunning! Choose from options of 2 rows or 3 rows of diamonds depending on your budget. No more basic silicone or mesh fabric, iALOR™ straps are crafted from durable and comfortable stainless steel. Turn heads with the iconic design that is as functional as it is beautiful.

  1. The Foolproof Gift: iALOR™ Black Cable 10-Row Apple Watch® Band

Searching for that perfect gift for him? Or for her? The iALOR™ Black Cable Apple Watch® band is a no-brainer. Black will always be in style, you can’t go wrong here. The rich, midnight tone of ALOR’s black cable is well loved by all audiences. Get him hooked on the timeless beauty of a designer Apple Watch® band that you’ll enjoy looking at, just as much as he’ll enjoy wearing. From the board room to the golf course, he will love this step above that exudes class, elegance, and style. In addition to everything there is to love about iALOR™, the designs are also unisex. You might even find yourself swapping out his Black Apple Watch® band for yours!

  1. The Trend-Setter: iALOR™ Rose Cable 10-Row Apple Watch® Band with Diamonds

There’s no missing you in this decadent Rose Cable strap with 3 rows of dazzling diamonds on either side of the watch face! It’s always been boring to fit in anyway. ALOR’s Rose cable is feminine and warm, with a peachy-pink hue that will pair perfectly with a Rose Apple Watch® or brighten up a Midnight Aluminum case. Diamonds shouldn’t be saved for special occasions! Make “day diamonds” a habit where each morning you put on your Apple Watch®, you’re also putting on eye-catching diamonds. The triple row of diamonds nestles beautifully into the iALOR™ endcaps for a trendy Apple Watch® band that will also stand the test of time. However, if you’re looking for a lighter statement, try the Rose band with 2 rows of diamonds or in all Rose stainless steel.

  1. The Cool One: iALOR™ Grey & Yellow Cable 10-Row Apple Watch® Band

ALOR’s Grey & Yellow cable band is the ultimate sophistication. Rows of cool Grey cable are bordered on both sides with warm, inviting Yellow cable. A great option for those who love mixing their metals and pairing different colors together. Try this band with a Rose Apple Watch® for a tri-tone look or stick to basics with a Silver Stainless Steel or Gold watch face. This unisex design is also perfect for him or for her. Pick out a different color for you and for your loved one and mix and match depending on the day to suit your mood.

iALOR™ combines functionality and design with stylish Apple Watch® bands for everyone. From the unisex design to the endless options of color, diamonds, and size, iALOR™ is your one-stop-shop to elevate your Apple Watch® today.