Earrings for Halloween

Everyone loves a good Halloween costume and getting into the spirit is all about dressing up. Getting dolled up from head to toe as favorite celebrities is what seems to be popular these days which is how we came about putting together a list of vintage icon Halloween costumes that can use a pair of ALOR earrings. Here’s to fun on all hallows’ eve!

The Great Gatsby Daisy


Everyone loves a little Daisy Buchanan in their life even if she broke Gatsby’s heart! The Dame Dress by NBD is a fun approach on Halloween with a modern feel. The Scalloped design is perfect for a make shift 1920’s look. The luxury beaded details take the win for us! This is a dress you can wear time and time again to keep in your closet!


Daisy needs fabulous earrings! From ALOR’s Classique collection, these rounded studs are eye-catching. Throw up your hair into a faux bob and add a headband. Not only will your dress be shining all night long but so will your ears! Earrings for Halloween are great for any 20’s style costume!

Bride Madonna


Get into the Madonna mode this Halloween with the Needle & Thread Tiered Tulle Skirt. Tulle ruffles always remind us of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” It’s iconic and effortlessly stylish to dress up in. White bodysuit and layers of necklaces and bracelets, your look just needs one more thing…


Brought to you by ALOR’s Aloro collection, these drop style earrings are spot on to rock your inner Madonna. Diamond shape studs with a small tear drop on the ends, these will shine through your enormously teased and curly 80’s hair.

Sandy from Grease


All you need is one piece to check off your Sandy from Grease costume, and it’s super chic! Bebe’s Off Shoulder Catsuit is like a gift sent from above! The off-shoulder style is definitely Rydell High approved! The slim fit silhouette will have you feel right in character! Get your hair right and slip into high heels and you’ve transformed into Sandra Dee.


We couldn’t forget Sandy’s iconic hoop earrings. With a version of our own, these grey cable earrings are grease lightening! Simple yet chic hoop like design with details diamond accent, these mesh well with your black catsuit.

Biker Cher


Getting something for Halloween that you can wear again is always two thumbs up. We all remember biker style Cher from back in the day. Mesh bodysuits, big hair, and of course, a leather jacket. If you love the many looks of Cher, the Eada Leather Biker Jacket from All Saints will have you rocking out! Black bodysuit, fishnets, biker boots, you’ve got it all going on!


Stick with an edgy Cher look when it comes to earrings for Halloween. These black cable, stainless steel earrings match with your All Saint jacket. Three layers of circles in a unique design, you will look like a rock goddess!

Vintage Barbie


Beyonce pulled it off amazingly and so can you! Vintage Barbie needs her Saint Laurent Two-Tone Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses! If you still can’t see the vision in your head, you need a black and white stripe of chevron body suit and an up do to turn into Barbie! It’s a feminine costume that shows off girl power!


Vintage Barbie needs her earrings for Halloween and these carnation cable pieces are it! Interlocking circles, drop style, they are out of this world stylish and along with the black and white, they’ll be center of attention.

If you never knew earrings for Halloween were a priority, now you do! Earrings are the finale in a costume or outfit for that matter. These iconic costumes are versatile that you can turn Halloween fashion into your own. Here’s to so much style on Halloween that you won’t help put want to take picture after picture… especially to show off your ALOR earrings!