Exploring Elegance: ALOR’s Exquisite Pearl Necklace Collection

Pearls have always been considered a gemstone that is synonymous with elegance and timeless beauty. From running errands to getting married, pearls are one of the rare pieces of jewelry that can be worn for any and every occasion. ALOR has mastered the art of combining pearls with iconic cable and chain to create necklaces (and bracelets!) that capture sophistication in a contemporary, yet timeless way. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the types of pearl necklaces that we have at ALOR as well as the different types of pearls we carry: South Sea and Freshwater pearls.

Lariat Necklaces: Y-Shaped Glam

Lariat necklaces are incredibly feminine and elegant. Crafted using lustrous pearls, ALOR lariat necklaces feature unique details and finishes that set them apart from all the rest. Whether you’re getting ready for a special night out or boosting your everyday look, a women’s lariat necklace from ALOR is sure to become a cherished statement piece in your jewelry collection. The lariat design is ultra-flattering for the way it elongates the neck. The perfect women’s lariat necklace is a great piece to wear alone or layered with other chains and cable necklaces. Lariat necklaces, sometimes referred to as a Y-necklaces for their “Y” shape, typically fall around the collarbone and extend down the center of the chest. Most ALOR lariats range from 15.5-16.5” and come with a 2” extender to allow you flexibility depending on your neckline.

Chain Necklaces: Fun & Flirty

ALOR’s pearl chain necklaces range from dainty and delicate, to showstoppers! Whether you’re looking for a pre-layered lariat, a multi-pearl charm, or a station necklace you can wear in many ways, we have you covered! Our chains are crafted from durable and fluid stainless steel so they are comfortable and sleek to wear, without weighing down the neck. We love the new station necklaces with oversized South Sea Pearls, coming in at 36”. These necklaces can be worn long for a dramatic effect or layered around the neck for a shorter design. Their versatility makes these a great investment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Choker Necklaces: Close to the Heart

Our choker pearl necklaces add a touch of sophistication to any look and do so with ease. These necklaces are designed to rest snuggly against the neck, just above the collarbone. Our favorite design comes from the brand new Caribbean Blue collection, where the hue of the ocean combines perfectly with the luster of pearls. A choker style is easy to throw on, and even easier to layer! Think about combining a short choker with a longer necklace, to create a look unique to you.

Cable Necklaces: Modern Femininity

Cable is what we do best – our iconic designs showcased in a variety of colors! We love the mix of lustrous pearls with sleek cable, and you can’t go wrong with a row of wonderful, cultured Freshwater Pearls. These button shapes delicately mimic one another and are strung to perfection in a design that brings your attention front and center. Layer them together or wear them individually for a look you’ll love.

South Sea vs. Freshwater Pearls: Two Beauties

Some of ALOR’s most beloved pieces of jewelry feature stunning South Sea cultured pearls. These pearls are found in Australia, Philippines, Myanmar, and Indonesia. A single South Sea Pearl can take up to 3 years to be cultivated, making them the rarest type of pearl, and the most coveted! Not to mention, they are also the largest in size of all pearl varieties. South Sea Pearls can vary in shape, size and color but are mainly found in beautiful shades of Gold and White. We love these pearls because of their elegance, rarity, and luxury. ⁠

A cultured Freshwater Pearl is a pearl that has been farmed and created within freshwater ponds, rivers and lakes as opposed to a saltwater environment. They tend to come from China and Japan, and sometimes even the United States. Freshwater pearls are durable and beautiful, typically a smaller, round shape and they tend to be less expensive than a South Sea or Akoya pearl.  

Both types of pearls are timeless and elegant, and neither are imitation or costume pearls. They are both beautiful and up to the wearer on which you prefer – more organic shaped or a more consistent button – or even which day you choose which one!

ALOR’s pearl necklace collection is a testament to the way we capture the essence of nature in all of our designs. Taking inspiration from the architecture and nature of South California, pearls couldn’t be more natural to our seaside home. From the fluid grace of chain necklaces to the iconic pattern of a cable necklace, there’s the perfect pearl necklace for everyone. Whether you choose South Sea or Freshwater pearls, we know you’ll love your choice and put it on with a smile every day. ALOR’s pearl necklaces are the embodiment of timeless beauty and grace. And why stop there? Add a pearl bracelet to your collection to finish out the look, you won’t regret it!