How to Clean Diamond Apple Watch® Bands from iALOR™

ALOR is here to help with how to clean diamond Apple Watch® bands from iALOR™, or how to clean ALOR cable jewelry in general! The beauty of the ALOR brand and the iconic stainless steel cable is how incredibly low maintenance it is and the lack of cleaning it needs. You don’t need to polish it like sterling silver or soak it in a cleaning bath like gold or platinum jewelry. Stainless steel also doesn’t tarnish like sterling silver or scratch like a high polished metal would. The upkeep and maintenance are incredibly minimal to keep your ALOR designs looking good as new. ALOR’s cable looks the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The state-of-the-art Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD) process that chemically alters the stainless steel to give you the beautiful colors of cable, ensures the colors are also the same as time goes by. The consistency of this process also means that a piece you bought years ago, will have the same hue of color as a piece you buy today. Color is incredibly important to the brand and is at the core of the design values, so you can be confident in the long-lasting color and quality of the pieces you’re purchasing.

In the event that you need to have a piece refurbished or refreshed, it is recommended that all cable jewelry be cleaned and serviced by an authorized ALOR Service Center. This is to ensure the best care is taken and your pieces of jewelry remain as good as new. If you purchased your jewelry in a retail store, it can be taken back to them for refurbishment. If you purchased directly from the ALOR website, please reach out to the Custom Service team at [email protected] and they will be more than happy to assist you.

If you’re looking to clean your jewelry at home, here is how to clean a diamond Apple Watch® band from iALOR™:

  • Step 1: Remove the Apple Watch® from your iALOR™ band and set aside.
  • Step 2: Open the double deployment clasp and soak the band in a warm solution of water & mild hand soap for no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Step 3: Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

If you need assistance removing your iALOR™ strap from your Apple Watch®, please follow the below steps:

  1. Pinch both sides of the double deployment clasp to fully open the iALOR™ clasp.
  2. Hold down the band release button located on the edges of the underside of the Apple Watch® face.
  3. Slide out the strap on one side and repeat on the reverse side.

To maintain the integrity of your pieces of jewelry, ALOR recommends that you avoid using steam cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning devices, and chemicals or detergents. While your Apple Watch® may be waterproof or water resistant, ALOR cable is not intended to be submerged in water for extended periods of time. It’s best to avoid wearing your jewelry in Jacuzzis, the ocean and swimming pools as the salt and chlorine can be abrasive on the cable. In addition, try not to put on cosmetics, creams, perfumes, or hairsprays while wearing the jewelry. It’s understandable that you can hardly wait to put it on, but it’s best to let your jewelry be the last step you take before leaving the house! ALOR also recommends storing your jewelry safely and with care when it’s not being worn. It’s best not to stack or cluster jewelry on top of one another while in your jewelry box or in a tray. You can always save the ALOR jewelry boxes and pouches that come with each piece of jewelry to store each one individually and safely. These little pouches are also great when traveling to keep your pieces safe if they’ll be in a bag, suitcase or anywhere that will be moving around consistently. In addition, storing your pieces individually in pouches also assists with making sure your jewelry doesn’t get dust or other particles on it while not being worn.

Your ALOR jewelry is designed to be durable, functional, and beautiful. You should never be afraid to wear it or only pull it out on special occasions – it’s meant to be enjoyed every single day! From the big moments to the everyday errands, ALOR is intended to go where you go. The iALOR™ collection, designed exclusively for the Apple Watch®, is especially meant to be an everyday wear. Wake up each day and put on your essential watch, but with the added luxury of ALOR cable. Keeping up these recommended good practices and avoiding situations that can potentially damage your jewelry will maintain its long-lasting beauty. When an accident happens, your jewelry might need a refresh which is where you can follow these steps to easily clean your diamond Apple Watch® bands (or any other piece of ALOR jewelry) to make it look like new.