Modern Vintage Halloween Costumes

How do you get by Halloween but with a modern twist? We thought, some people like to put their own style sense into a look, why not create modern vintage Halloween costumes? Along with an old-school theme, you can easily dress in a non-costume design by just adding a few details!

Show Girl

When you think of a show girl costume, there’s elaborate feathers, head pieces and skin baring attire. But this Halloween, the Aidan Aidan Mattox Feathered Textured Dress has the right amount of feathers that won’t overdo it. You can have a small head piece with feathers and jewels to put on a final touch! This dress is also great to wear time and time again for special occasions- a perfect way to channel modern vintage Halloween costumes!

Glam up your white feathered dress with gold tones. This yellow cable ALOR necklace pairs beautifully with your white feathers. Incorporate gold into your head piece to have matching accessories!


A flapper is a Halloween costume that’s been around a while but make it classy this season! The ASOS Edition Sequin Fringe Skater Mini Dress will have you glowing all night long! Talk about modern and vintage combined! Tassels to sequins, grab a headband with a single feather and you’ve easily got stunning, vintage but modern attire!

Keep the sparkle going with this grey cable ALOR ring. White gold, crisscross styled diamonds, this and your sequin dress were made for each other. Opt for all silver with your modern flapper costume!

Southern Belle

Southern Belle costumes usually consists of huge dresses with ruffles but the Misa Lo Angeles Vola Dress in Dusty Pink has the ruffles anyone will love! Feminine, with a southern chic look, you can turn this flowy dress into a modern-day costume! A wide brim white hat, white gloves, and a pink dainty umbrella, turn on the southern charm!

As a southern belle, you usually don’t need to add jewelry but when it’s a modern vintage version, this rose ALOR bangle is just what your outfit needs! Layered rose cable, cuff like design, and two diamond accents, you will charm with this on and your vintage umbrella!

Secret Agent

In the 60’s the James Bond character rose to popularity and the secret agent movement is still relevant. For the men, a secret agent for Halloween is not only dapper but it’s an excuse to dress up in black tie! The Floral Jacquard Dinner Jacket by Tom Ford brings out that modern vibe with the vintage background. Black bow tie and slicked back hair, get ready to save the world!

Every secret agent needs a watch! This stainless steel, rose bevel watch with rubber strap has sapphire crystals that is everything an agent needs. From ALOR’s Elite Sub collection, transform your style to a top-secret level.

Willy Wonka

It’s quirky but creative, Will Wonka is another vintage character that you can modernize this Halloween. With the Raf Simons Oversized Trench Coat, you have the signature purple piece for Mr.Wonka! Style with a ruffled button up and a golden or orange top hat, grab a cane and you are the chocolate creator. Although this modern vintage Halloween costume is a known character, you’re your own style accents, you’ve upgraded the look!

Instead of the chain other Willy Wonka costumes are seen to have, go modern! This Men’s ALOR necklace consists of a yellow cable pendant on a bronze chain. With a white top, this necklace will be sure to be a highlighted piece in your costume!

Putting together costume ideas each year, you tend to get less creative. But when you think about modern and vintage with Halloween in the mind all together, that creativity gets its spark back! There are many more costumes that you can easily modernize but these on our list will likely give you fashion forward attention!