The Best Apple Watch® Bracelets

When it comes to choosing the best Apple Watch® bracelets, look no further than iALOR™. This luxury cable band has been exclusively designed for the Apple Watch® with no compromise on style, durability, or design. ALOR’s iconic stainless steel cable has been expertly transformed into a myriad of options to suit your watch type, color preference and even diamond preference.

The Apple Watch® bracelet strap design begins with a combination of 2.5 and 2mm stainless steel cables in either an 8- or 10-row option. The 8-row Apple Watch® band fits a 38-42mm watch, while the 10-row fits a 42-45mm watch. Unsure which one you have? Simply remove and flip over your Apple Watch® and it will be inscribed on the back. iALOR™ bands are then enhanced with stainless steel endcaps in your choice of all metal, 2 rows of diamonds or 3 rows of diamonds. The double deployment clasp functions like a traditional watch clasp and allows for plenty of room to slide over the wrist and secure comfortably.

Not only is your Apple Watch® completely secure when on the wrist, it’s a breeze to take iALOR™ straps on and off your watch face. iALOR™ Apple® bracelet watch bands are also designed to be gender neutral so pick up one for you and one for loved one and swap them out depending on the day! To easily remove your iALOR™ strap and insert another, follow the below steps or watch the video here or below:

  1. Pinch both sides of the double deployment clasp to fully open the iALOR™ clasp.
  2. Hold down the band release button located on the underside of the Apple Watch® face.
  3. Slide out the watch strap and then repeat on the opposite side.
  4. When the strap is fully removed, slide in a new strap (with the double deployment clasp fully open), one side at a time.

iALOR™ Apple Watch® bands ship at the longest length which can accommodate up to an 8.25” wrist for the 8-row and an 8.5” wrist for the 10-row. However if you’d like it sized smaller, the ALOR team would be happy to adjust your watch before shipping. Follow the below steps to measure your wrist size or watch the video here or below and reference our size chart to determine how many links to remove:

  • Before you get started, it’s important to remember you want iALOR™ to fit how you wear your Apple Watch® currently, snug for a tighter fit and softly for a looser fit. Whichever method you use to measure your wrist, measure in the same place where you currently wear your Apple Watch®.
  • Start by using a flexible tape measure and wrap it around your wrist where you would wear your Apple Watch® and take note of the length.
  • If you don’t have a flexible tape measure:
    • Take a piece of string or ribbon and wrap it around your wrist.
    • Cut it or hold it where the ends would meet in a comfortable place.
    • Lay it flatly against a traditional tape measure or ruler to compare the length.
  • Take your wrist measurement and line it up with the wrist size on the left of our iALOR™ size chart. We recommend sizing up one size if your measurements are between sizes.
  • Leave a note in your order at check-out requesting the number of links to be removed. Your iALOR™ Apple Watch® strap will be sized prior to shipment and the additional links will be included in the shipment as well.

While you never want to compromise on functionality or the perfect fit, high-fashion style is really all about the options! Not only can you choose from diamond and non-diamond versions in ALOR’s Apple Watch® bracelet straps, but you can also pick your perfect color! Functionality meets world-class style with a range of cable colors including:

  • Warm Yellow
  • Chic Grey
  • Feminine Rose
  • Classic Black
  • And more!

Plus, you can stack and layer your favorite ALOR jewelry alongside so there’s no interruption of style! Add a 5-Row Mini Cuff in a custom-created color combination or opt for something wider with any of our monochrome looks from the Cuff Essentials Collection . Brand-favorite color combinations include:

  • Yellow and Grey
  • Black and Yellow
  • Rose and Black
  • Tri-tone: Yellow, Grey and Carnation or Rose
  • Blueberry and Grey

As if you need more to love about iALOR™, the beauty of the brand and the iconic stainless steel cable is how low maintenance and worry-free it is. While sterling silver may tarnish and high-polished gold can scratch, stainless steel requires little to no cleaning and maintenance. ALOR’s cable looks the same today as it did over 40 years ago when the brand was first created. Color is what the brand knows best! ALOR has perfected the Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD) process that gives you beautiful colors of cable by chemically altering the stainless steel, not just plating on top. You can also have confidence in the consistency of the process that a Yellow Apple Watch® strap bought today will have the same hue and tone as the Yellow Large Monochrome Cuff with Diamonds, or any other Yellow piece, you bought years ago.

No matter where the day takes you, you can now wake up and put on your favorite everyday essential: the best Apple Watch® bracelet straps designed by those who know cable better than anyone else.