The Best Designer Inspired Cable Cuff Bracelet

In the realm of fashion accessories and luxury jewelry, there are few items as versatile and timeless as a cuff bracelet. With its ability to effortlessly elevate any outfit and ease of sliding onto the wrist with no clasps, a cuff bracelet serves as the perfect finishing touch or the perfect starting point to any outfit. Among the plethora of options available, ALOR’s cable cuffs stand out with pride and definition. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of ALOR jewelry and the best designer-inspired cable cuff bracelets available now.

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What is a cuff bracelet?

Our blog from last week focused on bangle bracelets which explained that a bangle is any bracelet with a closure on the underside such as a clasp. A cuff bracelet, alternatively, is any bracelet with an opening on the underside that fits more snugly on the wrist. They make getting dressed for the day a breeze! ALOR cuffs are oval in shape so they mimic the natural shape of the wrist. They remain in place and don’t flip upside down while wearing. ALOR’s iconic stainless steel cable has a flexible but sturdy construction that easily opens up to slip over the wrist but also maintains its shape for years to come. Since the start of the brand in 1979, ALOR has been delivering world-class cuffs taking inspiration from the nature and architecture of Southern California. ALOR’s dedication to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every piece of jewelry, especially in the collector-favorite cuffs.

The Top 3 Cable Cuff Bracelet Collections from ALOR

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3. Entwine

The Entwine Collection has long been an ALOR lover’s favorite. From its affordability to its visually interesting design, Entwine is a perfect staple. These cuffs feature layers of intertwined cable roped around one another to create an open design that effortlessly moves from one cable color to the next. The Entwine cuffs also come in a classic size, and in our current favorite, the Oversized with double the cable twists for a larger look. And we’re not finished – this collection also has ring options that tie back to the cuffs! So, you can perfectly match your look, or contrast it if you wish! The Entwine Collection has everything you need – beauty, affordability and options.

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2. Large Cuffs

ALOR’s Signature Large Cuffs are a jewelry-lovers dream. This iconic piece takes luxury and opulence to another level! Crafted from durable and beautiful stainless steel cable, dazzling diamonds and 18kt gold, you will not be disappointed by the beauty and drama of these cuffs! Featuring 16 rows of wide cable with a bar of over half a carat of diamonds! This bar is designed with 3 rows of dazzling diamonds running vertically to contrast the horizontal design of the cable. The diamonds are set in 18kt gold – some in white gold, some in rose gold and some in yellow gold to complement the colors of cable perfectly. If you’re looking for that one piece to put on and instantly elevate your look, ALOR’s large cuffs are it!

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1. Cuff Essentials

It’s truly impossible to pick just one favorite! But taking our top spot is the Cuff Essentials Collection. Your new go-to collection of cuffs were created with everyone in mind – from the first time ALOR buyer, to the lifetime collector. ALOR’s beautiful shades of cable are showcased in a range of multi-row cuffs where the stacking, layering, and color combinations are endless. Options include the iconic 5-Row Mini Cuff, an 8-Row, 12-Row and an oversized 16-Row cuff. From warm Yellow to chic Blueberry, to rich Chocolate and beyond- the Cuff Essentials collection has all the colors and combinations you need. The classic Mini Cuff also comes in a “Create Your Own” version where you can select the color or colors of cable, the color of clasp and diamond options to create your own unique design. The best part? This collection starts at just $130 so you can guiltlessly enjoy the jewelry you love.

ALOR prides itself on the exceptional quality and unmatched craftsmanship and design that goes into every cuff bracelet. Each piece is meticulously designed, tested and created with you in mind. The brand’s commitment to using high-quality materials that are equally durable as they are beautiful, results in long-lasting bracelets that will stand the test of time. ALOR’s designer-inspired cable cuff bracelets are the epitome of elegance, quality, and versatility. Whether you opt for the affordable and timeless Cuff Essentials, the dramatic and luxurious Large Cuffs or the fun and playful Entwine collection, ALOR offers a wide range of styles to suit all your needs. And we know how important options are! So if you are in need of more to look at when choosing the perfect cuff bracelet, shop all of ALOR’s cuff bracelets here and be dazzled by the brilliance of iconic cable jewelry. From diamonds, to pearls, and beyond, ALOR’s cuffs are the ultimate staple for any look.