ELITESUB Instructions


The Crown for the ALOR EliteSub timepiece is a screw-down crown.

To unscrew: Turn the crown to the left, counter-clockwise, until the crown pops out. Once the crown pops out one is able to change the
functions on the timepiece:

  • Pull out once (first position): To change date: turn crown clockwise to turn the date wheel to the proper number
  • Pull out twice (second position): To change time: turn crown clockwise or counter clockwise to the proper time.

To screw in crown:

  • Push crown all the way down and turn clockwise until the crown is hand tight. Do not apply too much force as the crown may break. Make certain to turn until tight. if the crown is not turned tight enough, then the water resistance of the timepiece may be compromised.


(For both EliteSub and Forte Chronograph)

The timepiece is functioned with an upper button and a lower button.

Press the upper button to begin the second/millisecond stopwatch time keeping of the timepiece. Press the upper button again to stop the stop-watch function. For lap function, Press the bottom button after the first top button press to stop the timer and engage the lap function. Press the bottom button again to resume the stop watch function.

To reset: Stop all functions and press the bottom button.