Love for Chocolate


Is there anything that doesn’t pair perfectly with chocolate? Wine, cheese, fruit, and most importantly – colors of cable! ALOR’s rich, decadent Chocolate cable makes the perfect pairing with many other colors of cable, including Carnation. Styled back to a soft pink sweater, this combination is feminine and modern. This styling includes some collector’s favorites with the Cuff Essentials Collection and the Custom Mini Cuff. Cuff Essentials are your new go-to, designed with everyone in mind from the first time ALOR buyer to the lifetime collector. Available in various widths and colors of cable, this Collection has all the stacking & layering potential you could ever need and it starts at just $130. The Custom Mini Cuff is another favorite – with endless combinations you can create to suit your personal style. Shown with Chocolate inner bands and Carnation outer bands. Create the Mini Cuff of your dreams!

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ALOR’s Chocolate cable embodies the essence of true indulgence and sophistication. The warm & decadent brown hue of cable captures a dark chocolate tone and creates a luxurious and versatile aesthetic that pairs well with practically anything! The rich tone adds depth and a chic statement to any look. Paired back to classic & warm Carnation cable with clean denim and a statement making shoe, your look will be a delicious and eye-catching combination. Add some dazzling diamonds with 18kt gold to create a tasteful and elegant jewelry ensemble.

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While it’s rewarding to put together a stacked & layered look personally designed by you, sometimes you want just one piece that will make a statement on its own. The Stacked Wide Open Collection is exactly what you had in mind! This delicious cuff gives the illusion of multiple cuffs stacked together, but you can be fully dressed in a flash! Rows of Chocolate stainless steel cable layer openly with a bar of stunning diamonds set in 18kt gold. The warm Yellow Gold wonderfully balances the deep, rich hue of the Chocolate cable. Then finished off with a breathtaking design of Stingray (more Stingray designs here!) bordered by cable. This collection is the epitome of style and grace. Shop the Stacked Wide Open Collection with more color & design options here.

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