In The Navy


An ALOR collector’s absolute favorite – Blueberry Cable! This Collection is where elegance meets modern sophistication, perfect from day to night. Inspired by the rich hues of ripe blueberries, this cable color features a deep blueish navy color. Each meticulously crafted piece showcases a unique blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary design. From stackable bracelets to diamond rings, ALOR’s Blueberry cable offers a bold and captivating allure that you’ll return to day after day. The Taking Shapes Collection is a new favorite with geometric designs delicately adorning iconic cable – and you can’t miss the stunning diamonds with 18kt and 14kt gold. Mix and match your shapes or keep it simple. With ALOR, you can always indulge in the taste of luxury.

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ALOR’s iconic jewelry features the use of many textural materials and designs fused together to create an innovative and stunning effect. A longtime favorite texture has been the use of Stingray, with a natural bubble-like design that soaks in the decadent colors matched to cable. A mesmerizing design to look at and to wear, Stingray lends a distinctive texture and captivating pattern, accented with iconic cable and dazzling diamonds with 18kt gold. A bridge between modern and timeless, ALOR captures the beauty of the ocean effortlessly. Paired together with classic stackable bangles with signature stations, each piece is crafted to perfection and styled exquisitely. The combination of Stingray, cable, diamonds and 18kt gold creates a harmonious melody that exudes a striking balance of strength and grace.

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ALOR’s Blueberry cable is the ultimate testament to the brand’s seamless blending of style and versatility. This hue of blue exudes a sporty-chic allure, the perfect compliment to all your denim – from light washes to dark. It is both casual and classy. Pair a Blueberry design or two with your favorite blue jeans, white T-shirt and casual sneakers to instantly take your look to the next level and add refined elegance. Many of the Blueberry cable designs feature 18kt Rose Gold – the perfect balance of cool blue and warm, feminine pink. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these designs with other colors of cable (one of our favorites is Blueberry & Grey together) or other colors of gold. This cable color is the perfect choice for those seeking a stylish and effortlessly cool aesthetic.

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