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Inspired by the Southern California Lifestyle, ALOR’s handcrafted jewelry for women captures the essence of the West Coast. Breezy and beautiful, our women’s fine jewelry was born to be stacked, layered & loved. Discover your next must-have today!

Women’s Fine Jewelry That Plays Well Together

Start with a cable bracelet (or two). Add a matching ring, a drop necklace and a pair of twist hoop earrings. If you have an Apple Watch®, we can keep the party going with a matching band. Create an instant ensemble with women’s fine jewelry, ALOR-style. Cables are our iconic mainstay, but there are plenty of other styles to add panache to your look. We’ve fashioned our women’s designer jewelry with high-quality materials – many with diamonds and precious 18kt gold accents. Stick to one color or mix things up with luscious colors that pop, and create your own fabulous combinations.

Our designer jewelry for women features luxury finishes suitable for everyday wear. Whether you’re nailing a deal at the office, hanging out with friends or sharing a romantic dinner with you-know-who, ALOR fine jewelry for women is the perfect companion for your jewelry wardrobe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ALOR’s Jewelry for Women

Following are answers to a few of the questions we’ve received about our jewelry for women. Please chime in if you’d like to know more about any of our products.

What Are South Sea Cultured Pearls?

South Sea pearls are cultured in the Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. It’s the largest pearl-producing oyster and can be found in the warm waters of the South Seas, from the southern coast of Southeast Asia to the northern coast of Australia. South Sea pearls are known for their unique, satiny luster. ALOR carries jewelry for women with white, black and yellow South Sea cultured pearls.

What Materials Are Used to Make ALOR Women’s Fine Jewelry?

Of course, stainless steel cable is our signature style, but we use several other materials in creating our collection of women’s designer jewelry. Many of our pieces feature 18kt white gold accents, sparkling diamonds, lustrous South Sea cultured pearls, cultured freshwater pearls, stingray and more.

What Bracelet Styles Do You Carry?

Our cuff bracelets are very popular – they’re crafted using rows of stainless steel cable and are open at the back so that you can slip them on and off with ease. There are several colors to choose from. We also have classic Stackable bracelets that feature a single cable and fasten with an interlocking clasp – our collectors love to layer them. Coiled bracelets are also a favorite. We invite you to explore our entire selection of women’s designer jewelry bracelets to discover your next go-to style.

How Do I Clean ALOR Women’s Jewelry?

You can clean your ALOR women’s jewelry by soaking the item in a solution of mild hand soap in warm water for no more than five minutes. Rinse your jewelry thoroughly and pat it dry with a soft cloth. Never use jewelry cleaners, abrasive cleaners, creamy cleaners, ammonia, bleach or other chemicals on your ALOR women’s fine jewelry. Detailed instructions may be found on our jewelry care page. If your ALOR jewelry requires additional maintenance, please take it to an authorized ALOR® Service Center or Dealer.

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All This & Apple Watch® Bands, Too

You may already be a fan of ALOR bracelets, rings, earrings and designer necklaces for women. But did you know we also have bands for your Apple watch® that feature our signature style? Elevate your Apple Watch® experience with iALOR™’s luxurious bands. ALOR merges its classic style with modern aesthetics in these women’s Apple Watch® bands. Choose from these options:

  • Colors: Black, Gray, Rose, Yellow and more
  • Diamonds: Select styles are decorated with rows of sparkling diamonds
  • Apple Watch® Size: Choose your band based on your Apple watch size: either 38-42mm or 42-45mm.

Complete Your Look With ALOR Jewelry for Women

ALOR’s remarkable jewelry for women manifests a harmonious blend of luxury and innovation. From our women’s designer earrings that frame the face with a shimmer of elegance to bracelets that add a touch of glamor to any ensemble, ALOR makes every day extraordinary. Our necklaces are a testament to timeless beauty and individuality, and our rings embody grace and style. And when it’s time to cap off your look, be sure you have the Apple Watch® band to complete your ensemble. Choose ALOR designer jewelry for women and adorn yourself – or someone you love – in sophisticated fashion today and always.

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ALOR’s Women’s Collection is inspired by the Southern California Lifestyle. Iconic fine jewelry that captures the essence of the West Coast.