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Unique Pearl Necklaces

From wearable works of art to easy everyday staples, ALOR’s assortment of unique pearl necklaces includes all the styles you need. Enjoy the size and depth of color displayed in South Sea cultured pearls, featured in many of our stainless steel cable chain necklaces. Or choose a cable necklace that beautifully showcases freshwater cultured pearls. Timeless and elegant, women’s pearl necklaces never disappoint.

Pearls are the ideal complement to your wardrobe, whether you’re giving a presentation at the office or sharing an intimate dinner for two. Saltwater or freshwater, pearl necklaces are a timeless choice that never goes out of fashion. Browse our selection of unique pearl necklaces and find the one that reflects your own particular brand of joie de vivre.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pearl Necklaces

Have a question about pearl necklaces? We’ve answered a few of them here, but feel free to get in touch if you’d like additional information about women’s pearl necklaces or any of our jewelry.

What’s the Difference Between Natural and Cultured Pearl Necklaces?

Natural pearls are formed inside oysters or mollusks without any human intervention. These pearls rarely occur in nature and are highly valued for their unique shapes, colors, and luster. However, their scarcity makes natural pearls quite expensive and hard to come by. Most natural pearl necklaces available today are antique or vintage pieces.

Cultured pearl necklaces are created with human assistance. In pearl farming, a small irritant or nucleus is inserted into an oyster or mollusk, which triggers the secretion of nacre (a substance that forms the pearl). Over time, layers of nacre form around the nucleus, creating a cultured pearl. Cultured pearls are more readily available and make up the majority of pearl jewelry in the market, including pearl necklaces.

It’s important to note that the term “cultured” does not imply that these pearls are artificial or fake. Cultured pearls are still genuine pearls, formed in a similar manner to natural pearls, but with human intervention to initiate the process. They are still valuable and beautiful!

Are Freshwater Pearls as Valuable as Saltwater Pearls?

Freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls have different characteristics and price ranges. While saltwater pearls – such as Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea – are typically more expensive due to their rarity and luster, freshwater pearls have become increasingly popular for their affordability and a wide range of colors and shapes. South Sea pearls tend to have a larger, more organic shape, while freshwater pearls are smaller, rounder and more uniform. Both types make beautiful choices for women’s pearl necklaces. It all comes down to personal preference and budget.

Can I Wear Pearl Necklaces With Casual Attire?

You can accessorize pearl necklaces with a wide range of outfits, including casual attire. Pearls provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to both formal and informal looks. A pearl choker or pendant is a versatile accessory that complements everyday wear, enhancing your overall style with a classic and timeless appeal. Pair one of our unique pearl necklaces with pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet to create an elegant ensemble.

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The Different Types of Women’s Pearl Necklaces

There are several types of women’s pearl necklaces, each with a unique look and length, catering to different preferences and occasions. Add a pair of matching pearl earrings to maximize the dramatic effect.

Our selection of unique pearl necklaces includes several styles:

  • Choker: These pearl necklaces fit snugly around the neck. They’re designed to sit high on the neck, usually just above the collarbone or at the base of the throat.
  • Lariat: This type of pearl necklace is designed without a clasp or closure. Instead, it features a long, open-ended chain or cord that can be looped, knotted, or draped in various ways to create different looks.
  • Cable: A cable necklace features ALOR’s iconic stainless steel cable. This cable is lightweight, durable and colorful! The range of color options adds a unique touch to the color options of pearls.
  • Drop: Also known as a pendant, a drop necklace features individual pearls suspended from a chain, creating a focal point that rests on or near the chest area.
  • Chain: A chain necklace consists of a continuous chain of interconnected links. It’s a simple and versatile necklace style. We took this classic theme and added South Sea pearls for a piece you’ll love wearing every day.

Discover the Sophisticated Styling of ALOR Pearl Necklaces

ALOR pearl necklaces epitomize a harmonious blend of elegance and contemporary design. These exquisite pieces, crafted with precision and attention to detail, showcase the timeless beauty of pearls combined with ALOR’s renowned craftsmanship. We offer an assortment of unique pearl necklaces to suit every taste and occasion. Browse our women’s pearl necklaces and find the one that suits you best.

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Pearl necklaces are a true staple. The magnificent luster of a pearl lasts a lifetime and can be a true heirloom.