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Cuff Bracelets Everywhere You Go

Wherever your next adventure takes you, cuff bracelets are with you through thick and thin. ALOR’s modern and fashionable cuff bracelets for women are uniquely styled using colorful stainless steel cable and are a breeze to take on and off with an open design in the back. Heading out for coffee with your best friend? Keep it simple with a classic Mini Cuff. Getting ready for the big night? Go all out in ALOR’s Signature Large Cuffs with 18kt. gold highlights and a splash of diamonds. Day or night, women’s cuff bracelets are the perfect reflection of your own special style.

Women’s cuff bracelets are so easy to wear. Just slip them over your wrists, and off you go. No need to worry about clasps. The only difficult decision you have to make is which one (or ones!) to wear. Something in Yellow and Grey, perhaps? Or maybe a stack of Blueberry, Carnation and Chocolate cables. There’s no wrong way to wear these cuff bracelets. It’s all about you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cuff Bracelets

Following are answers to commonly asked questions about cuff bracelets. Please let us know if you have questions about any of our jewelry.

Should Cuff Bracelets Be Tight or Loose?

Ultimately, the best fit for a cuff bracelet is one that feels comfortable and secure while allowing you to move your wrist freely. It’s crucial to consider the width of the cuff and the size of your wrist when selecting a cuff bracelet to ensure a comfortable fit. You may want to size up on a wider cuff to accommodate the thickness, while you’ll stay true to size in a slimmer one. Consult our size chart to make the right choice.

What Is the Most Common Cuff Bracelet Size?

The most common cuff bracelet size for women at ALOR is a 6.25 which will accommodate a 6-6.5″ wrist. However, keep in mind that cuff sizes can be based on the style and design of the bracelet, as well as the size of the wearer’s wrist.

How Do Cuff Bracelets Stay On?

Cuff bracelets stay on by their design, which typically features an opening that allows the bracelet to slide over the wrist and onto the forearm. ALOR’s cuffs are also designed in an oval shape that mimics the natural shape of the wrist for comfort and security. Once the bracelet is positioned on the wrist, it’s held in place by the iconic stainless steel cables that are designed with enough flexibility to slide onto the wrist, but enough durability to hold their shape. The cuff bracelet should fit snugly around the wrist without being too tight, allowing for comfort and some movement.

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How to Choose Women’s Cuff Bracelets

With so many fabulous styles of women’s cuff bracelets, who can decide? Naturally, you don’t have to pick just one. Cuff bracelets are designed to be mixed and matched with one another as well as other styles of women’s bracelets. There are several ways to shop for designer cuff bracelets. Maybe you have a go-to stylelike ALOR’s Cuff Essentials Collection with endless possibilities of color combinations. Or perhaps you just want to browse what’s new. Here are a few thought-starters to help you decide:

  • Wide/Slim: An oversized cuff makes a big splash, but a Mini Cuff can be just as impactful, especially if you’re stacking multiple together.
  • Color: Match a cuff bracelet to your favorite outfit for a monochrome look, or choose a contrasting color to make a statement. You can’t go wrong with ALOR’s iconic colors of cable!
  • Sparks: Diamonds and gold provide the perfect touch of glam.
  • Texture: Our Stingray cuff bracelet is a conversation piece all on its own.

ALOR Has the Cuff Bracelets That Make a Splash

We have cuffs enough to satisfy every taste and occasion. ALOR cuff bracelets for women combine modern and classic design elements with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Our signature cable design is a standout feature, adding texture and dimension to every bracelet. With a range of styles, materials and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the cuff bracelet that suits you best. P.S. Feel free to add women’s rings to the mix to create an eye-catching ensemble. Start shopping today!

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What makes an ALOR cuff bracelet so iconic? From the perfectly twisted, stainless steel cable to hand set diamonds in 18kt gold, ALOR offers stunning designer cuff bracelets for everyday wear.