iALOR® Cable 8-Row Apple Watch® Band with Diamonds (fits 38-42mm watch)


8-row band fits a 38-42mm Apple Watch®. Please reference our size chart to determine your wrist size.

iALOR chart
BandWrist SizeLinks
8-ROWUnder 6.25 inSmaller band provided
8-ROW6.25 inRemove 8 links
8-ROW6.5 inRemove 7 links
8-ROW6.75 inRemove 6 links
8-ROW7 inRemove 5 links
8-ROW7.25 inRemove 4 links
8-ROW7.5 inRemove 3 links
8-ROW7.75 inRemove 2 links
8-ROW8 inRemove 1 link
8-ROW8.25Leave as-is with all links
10-ROWUnder 6.5 inSmaller band provided
10-ROW6.5 inRemove 8 links
10-ROW6.75 inRemove 7 links
10-ROW7 inRemove 6 links
10-ROW7.25 inRemove 5 links
10-ROW7.5 inRemove 4 links
10-ROW7.75 inRemove 3 links
10-ROW8 inRemove 2 links
10-ROW8.25 inRemove 1 link
10-ROW8.5 inLeave as-is with all links
SKU: APL-XX-0008-11


ALOR’s iconic stainless steel cable meets the world of tech with iALOR®, a luxury designer Apple Watch® band.

Featuring a combination of 2.5 and 2mm cables that have been exclusively designed for use with the Apple Watch®. The classic & sophisticated design is interchangeable as a women’s Apple Watch® band and men’s Apple Watch® band.

8-row watch band will fit a 38-42mm Apple Watch®. Adjustable from 6.25″-8.25″, sizable in 0.25″ increments. Band ships at longest length, please reference our size chart to determine your size and let us know in the comments of your order if you would like links to be removed.

Stainless steel cable with 0.48 total carat weight of diamonds. Cable measures 17mm wide. Imported.

How to take on and off: Always make sure the double deployment clasp on the iALOR® watch band is fully open before exchanging straps. This can be done by pinching both sides of the clasp and the band will deploy on both sides. Hold down the band release button located on the edges of the underside of the watch face to slide out an existing watch strap and slide in a new strap. Repeat on opposite side.

Apple Watch® face sold separately.

Blueberry SKU: APL-28-0008-11

Blueberry & Grey SKU: APL-96-0008-11

Chocolate SKU: APL-55-0008-11

Yellow SKU: APL-37-0008-11

Black & Grey SKU: APL-45-0008-11

Yellow & Grey SKU: APL-34-0008-11

Rose SKU: APL-35-0008-11

Grey SKU: APL-32-0008-11

Black SKU: APL-52-0008-11

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