Dive into Luxury: ALOR’s Caribbean Blue Cable Jewelry Collection

Are you seeking elegance and luxury that will not only enhance your vacation style, but also make you feel like you’re on vacation, even when you’re not? Look no further than ALOR’s brand new color of cable: Caribbean Blue. This stunning hue of blue joins our expansive family of color and fits in beautifully. Designed to capture the essence of the mesmerizing turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea, this collection is a perfect fusion of sophistication and tropical charm. Each piece showcases a captivating shade of blue, reminiscent of the crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean. A sweet marriage between the vibrancy of summer, and the relaxation of the beach and the waves. Whether you’re exploring exotic destinations or simply looking to elevate your summer style, ALOR’s Caribbean Blue collection holds a remarkable blend of quality craftsmanship, vibrant color, and iconic design. These pieces make the perfect companion for all your summer travels, from down the road to across the globe. Grab a pair of sunglasses, your favorite book, a refreshing drink, and some sunscreen as we dive deep into the world of luxury jewelry with ALOR and our top 3 favorite looks from this brand-new collection.

Here are our top 3 favorite pieces from the Caribbean Blue collection:

3. The Mini Cuff

There are few styles as iconic as the ALOR Mini Cuff. With its 5-row sleek design, it is the perfect accomplice to any look and is as stunning paired in multiples as it is on its own. This stack showcases the vibrancy of the Caribbean Blue cable with the luxury of diamonds. If you’re a lover of the iconic Grey cable and just looking to dip your toe in the water of new cable colors, try out the colorblock design with half Grey and half Caribbean Blue cable. The diamonds stations nestle beautifully into one another and make layering as breezy and easy as a day on the beach. Whether you’re lounging by the water or exploring a bustling market, ALOR’s classic Mini Cuffs will be your go-to companion. Not looking for diamonds? Our classic Mini Cuff also comes in a non-diamond version for only $160 here.

2. Classic Barrels

At ALOR, stackable bracelets are what we do best. You can easily mix and match different colors of cable, width of bracelets and varying designs to create a look that is totally unique to you. If you’re looking to get started, Barrel Stackables are the best place to begin! Available in a multitude of colors and station options, we have the styles to suit every personality and every budget. Reimagining these classic silhouettes into Caribbean Blue was a no-brainer! As a collector’s favorite, we knew these were a must have in the launch of the cable and a must have when it comes to adding to your collection. While we dream of being on vacation, don’t wait to wear these for special occasions! Style them with a simple pair of denim and a bright colored shirt, or a patterned dress, to exude confidence every day.

1. Signature Large Cuffs

If you’re going to do color, then you might as well do it big! Our Signature Large Cuffs are nothing short of extraordinary. The Monochrome option is a deep dive into the tropical blues, while the Colorblock style gives you a little Blue and a little Grey, perfect for layering in with the Grey styles you already love. Our favorite detail? The 18kt Rose Gold accents! This touch of rose adds a bright and feminine hue to the cool and relaxing tones of the Caribbean Blue and Grey. Finish off your look with our Petite Ring in either Monochrome or Colorblock, the perfect band to wear everyday. Wide enough to make a statement, but petite enough for all day comfort and wear. The coordinating row of diamonds down both designs will captivate you and anyone who’s looking your way! Love the cuff but interested in more color? Check out all our Signature Large Cuffs here.

ALOR’s Caribbean Blue cable jewelry collection is a true embodiment of style, luxury and the spirit of the tropics. The mesmerizing hue of blue evokes a sense of tranquility and adventure, perfectly capturing the essence of a week-long, sun-shining, breeze blowing vacation. Our classic silhouettes and collector favorites have been reimagined into this cool and easy color tone, offering a collection that is both practical for everyday wear and visually stunning enough for the most special occasion. You can truly feel like you are sipping cocktails on the beach, meandering through the local market, and arriving right on time for your evening dinner watching the sunset over the ocean – even if you never leave your home. From sun dresses to denim, into winter coats in future seasons, Caribbean Blue is the cable color you will love every single day.

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