How to Adjust a Chain Bracelet

The ALOR Chain Collection is light, playful and built to have fun. Be dazzled by fluid box chains in our classic shades of ALOR. Many are complemented by exquisite details such as diamonds, 14k gold, pearls, and more. When it comes to timeless elegance and endless versatility in jewelry, ALOR’s chain bracelets are a step above and effortlessly stand out. These fluid and stackable accessories add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. More than just a pretty face, they also offer a comfortable and adjustable fit so you can have peace of mind knowing the style you pick will fit perfectly right out of the box. In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about the fit of ALOR’s colorful chain bracelets including how should a chain bracelet fit and how to adjust a chain bracelet.

how to adjust a chain bracelet

How Should A Chain Bracelet Fit?

ALOR chain bracelets are designed to provide a perfect balance between style, comfort, and durability. Achieving the ideal fit is a crucial way to make sure you enjoy wearing your ALOR bracelets and are comfortable when doing so. After you’ve selected your perfect style and color, you’ll need to determine the right size to purchase. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the right size for your ALOR chain bracelet:

  1. Length: ALOR’s chain bracelets typically come in a range of sizes from 5.5” to 7.5” with ½” increments in between. Each bracelet also comes with a 1” extender chain on the end to give you a custom fit. It’s best to measure your wrist and buy the coordinating size, i.e., if your wrist measures 6”, purchase the 6” bracelet. If you are between sizes, you can choose to size up or down depending on how snug or loose you typically like a bracelet to fit. The extender chain will allow the extra flexibility you need to wear the bracelet comfortably. This also gives you peace of mind if you are purchasing an ALOR chain bracelet as a gift for someone else and you don’t know their exact size.
  2. Movement: A well-fitted chain bracelet should have slight movement on your wrist that will allow it to be comfortable as you move throughout the day. However, excessive movement may indicate that the bracelet is too loose. It shouldn’t dangle so low that it could catch on to something or has the potential to slide off the wrist when clasped. On the contrary, if the bracelet is too tight, it may limit your mobility or be uncomfortable to wear. The beauty of an ALOR chain bracelet is the 1” extender that comes attached to the chain, which allows you to find your absolute perfect fit down to the centimeter! This fit may even change from day to day! So, rest assured, you can have the perfect and most comfortable fit every day.
  3. Clasp Position: The clasp should rest on the underside of your wrist to maintain a seamless and polished look, especially if you have a diamond station or other bedazzlement on top of the bracelet that you want to show off! You can ensure the clasp is secure but not overly tight by easily selecting the right loop in the extender chain for a perfect fit. You may have additional links that hang beneath the wrist as part of the 1” extender, these will help keep the weight on the bottom of the bracelet and can be used to hold the bracelet in place with your finger when putting it on.

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infographic how should a chan bracelet fits

How To Adjust A Chain Bracelet?

ALOR chain bracelets are designed with adjustability in mind because we know every wrist is different, and every outfit is different! We make it easy for you to select the size that’s right for your wrist in addition to a built-in 1” extender chain that gives you daily flexibility. Personalize your fit according to your preference or look that day with ease. Follow these steps for how to adjust a chain bracelet:

  1. Locate the clasp: ALOR chain bracelets all have a beautiful lobster claw clasp that can be used to fasten your bracelet and to adjust the fit. Simply slide the toggle bar down to open the lobster claw and secure it into place on one of the open links.
  2. Use the cable bar: At ALOR, we marry luxury with comfort. That’s why all our chain bracelets have an added detail of a color-matched cable bar in front of the clasp. Small clasps can be difficult to manage solo, while oversized ones can be a burden to wear. This cable bar in our iconic color and texture serves as an easy way to get a handle on the clasp and close it in place without a fuss. In addition, if you’ve got extra length on your extender, you can use the middle finger of the hand you plan to wear your bracelet on to hold the end of the bracelet in place while using your opposite hand to slide the clasp into an open loop.
  3. Determine the desired length: You’ve already selected the length of your bracelet and now all you need to do is adjust it within a 1” range depending on your preference. Easily move the lobster claw clasp around to find a comfortable fit that provides movement while also sticking secure on the wrist. With the cable bar, adjusting this as needed is a breeze.
  4. Test the fit: After you’ve got it on, move your wrist around to see if the fit is comfortable. Revisit our “Movement” guide that we previously went over above if you’re unsure how a chain bracelet should fit.

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ALOR chain bracelets are a combination of everything you love about your jewelry – luxury, elegance, adjustability, durability, and versatility. While our fluid and beautiful chains may catch your eye instantly, we want you to love their fit and flexibility even more. By ensuring the proper size is purchased, adjusting them to your liking with our extender chains, and exploring various styling and layering options, you can elevate your style and enjoy your jewelry box. Whether you prefer a minimalistic approach with a single chain, or want to layer for a bold statement, ALOR chain bracelets provide the perfect style with the perfect fit. Show off your zest for style with endless stacking opportunities and all-day comfort with ALOR’s chain bracelets.