Combining Elegance & Technology: Top 5 Reasons to Love iALOR™

In today’s fast paced world where you are juggling a day filled with numerous activities, it’s never been more important to fuse together fashion and function. The combination of jewelry and smartwatches has taken the market by storm and ALOR has taken claim of this space with our innovative designs. As a distinguished name in designer jewelry, ALOR has crafted the iALOR™ collection of watch straps designed exclusively for use with the Apple Watch®. These straps are created in ALOR’s iconic colors of cable with all of the bells and whistles you’d hope for out of a designer Apple Watch® strap. In this blog, we’ll delve into the top 5 reasons why we love the iALOR™ collection, revolutionizing the way we wear and look at our beloved Apple Watches®.

5. Premium Quality Materials

ALOR is known for using only the highest quality materials that look gorgeous, but also stand the test of time. The iALOR™ collection is no exception to the quality, craftsmanship and dedication to beauty. Each watch strap is crafted in high-quality, durable and beautiful stainless steel cable. The same cable you know and love from popular styles such as Stackable Bracelets, diamonds rings, pearl necklaces and more. We know these straps are worn daily and can take a beating when you’re reaching in and out of your bag, typing at your keyboard, or making dinner. The stainless steel cable is intended to last and will stand the test of time. The timeless look of colored cable also ensures your strap will be as beautiful and on-trend in many years, as it is right now. Invest a classic design with a modern edge that you’ll love for years to come.

4. Double Deployment Clasp

The double deployment clasp functions like a traditional watch clasp and allows for plenty of room to slide over the wrist and secure comfortably. Not only is your Apple Watch® completely secure when on the wrist, it’s a breeze to take iALOR™ straps on and off your watch face. iALOR™ Apple® bracelet watch bands are also designed to be gender neutral so pick up one for you and one for loved one and swap them out depending on the day! To easily remove your iALOR™ strap and insert another, follow the below steps:

  1. Pinch both sides of the double deployment clasp to fully open the iALOR™ clasp.
  2. Hold down the band release button located on the underside of the Apple Watch® face.
  3. Slide out the watch strap and then repeat on the opposite side.
  4. When the strap is fully removed, slide in a new strap (with the double deployment clasp fully open), one side at a time.

3. Innovative Fashion for Tech Enthusiasts

iALOR™ is a testament to what the brand does best! A commitment to innovation while keeping an eye on function and fashion. You can now wake up and put on your everyday essential, a luxury cable band created exclusively for the Apple Watch®. We have elevated this design – typically seen in silicone, plastic, or fabric – with our iconic stainless steel and your favorite colors of cable and the option of diamonds! Who says diamonds need to be saved for special occasions? Wear them every day and shine! Fine jewelry discovers a new purpose with iALOR™.

2. Size Options Galore

iALOR™ Apple Watch® straps come in both an 8-row and 10-row option. The 8-row Apple Watch® band fits a 38-42mm watch, while the 10-row fits a 42-45mm watch. Unsure which one you have? Simply remove and flip over your Apple Watch® and it will be inscribed on the back. This ensures the strap will slide perfectly into your watch and look completely seamless.

iALOR™ Apple Watch® bands also ship at the longest length which can accommodate up to an 8.25” wrist for the 8-row and an 8.5” wrist for the 10-row. However, if you’d like it sized smaller, the ALOR team would be happy to adjust your watch before shipping. Follow our measuring guide in the product detail pages to determine your wrist size. Then, simply leave a note in your order at check-out requesting the number of links to be removed. Your iALOR™ Apple Watch® strap will be sized prior to shipment and the additional links will be included in the shipment as well.

1. Iconic Colors of Cable

Now to the fun part! While function, size options, and durability are must haves- they mean nothing if you aren’t in love with the look of your strap! ALOR has utilized our iconic colors of cable and translated them into wearable works of art for your Apple Watch®. All your favorites are available (and maybe keep an eye out on some new arrivals in the future!):

You’ll even spot some two-tone options which make matching to your daily wardrobe or your Apple Watch® face a breeze. First time buyer? Pick a color that’s classic and easy to wear, perhaps something that matches a lot of the ALOR you already own for easy stacking. Coming back for more? Try out something new or an unexpected colorway and enjoy the ease of trading out your watch straps daily to suit your mood.

The iALOR™ collection for the Apple Watch® is your perfect companion. It showcases a stunning balance between jewelry and technology and fuses the two together in a way you’ll be proud to show off, every single day. From the premium materials, to the mindful design, to the shining color and diamonds, every aspect of iALOR™ has been meticulously designed with you in mind! Embrace the world of wearable technology with iALOR™.